#57 – Camillo PENNATI


Silence is composed of various pressures
and all the intensity of winds from breeze to gales
containing so their drifting volumes
with their resounding inflection and pitch
within the atmospheric spaciousness
that carries the naturalness of each minimal twist
becoming huge in shapes and wide in transformations
from streaks of larger blue to cloudy regions
of overcasting grey into glooming billows
holding the floods of soon downpouring rains
or still the whiter tension of their rims
there to dissolve their bodies into a transparent sea
of encompassing silence absorbed in all the resonance
of all the floating molecules
with sun and moon cleaving those sidereal waters
letting their wakes divide days from nights
and months from seasons oblivious from all aeons
over the globe below and over each generation
of dilapidating guests that for their exclusive use
heedlessly so deemed.
Earth and the globe
be theirs till it is all consumed and then all
outer space all the available orbits encapsulated
each in their own carapace as future conquerors
of black and other sidereal holes where silence
is drawn in yet another silence to encompass
breathtakingly comets and meteors and all
the streaming sound they absorb.

January 2011

[inedito per GRADIVA nn. 39-40, pp. 34-35]

mia traduzione



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